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Bl 01 0246 nqxighjk 輿地航海図 Yochi kokai zu Map of navigational routes
安政5 *手彩色。外題「輿地航海図」。無刊記。内題横に「原刻一千八百四十五年」とあり。例言に庸普爾地は「イヨンビュルヂ」と振ってある。 Xylograph. Acquired 10 June 1869. Beans 42 he is mistaken in describing this map as ‘copper-engraved’. Iyonbyuruji is the Japanese representation of the name of JohnPurdy, said in the tExt to have been the original maker of the map, published in 1845; this is probably a reference to his A chart of the world, on Mercator's Projection; with the tracks of the more distinguished modern navigators, which was first published in 1810. Uploaded by autobot. Depicts: 1858 Last modified over 1 year ago. Unrectified.
Tags 大英図書館 British Library
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