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You can display your own maps against a real map (OpenStreetMap) for free, and make them available on the Web for anyone in the world. Maps such as handwritten or old ones can be used as well as modern standardized ones.

Uploaded maps are rectified (warped) against a real map by adding control points, which specify geographical positions.

Once published, these maps are available to export in image or map formats.


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About Map Warper

This tool is a Japanese instance of Map Warper, an open source georeferencing application. Map Warper is developed by Tim Waters, who is a geospatial developer and consultant, in response to the promotion of digital publishing of maps in Western countries and the increasing need for georeferncing software. We localize it and provide this Japanese version of Map Warper here, to promote free web-based georeferencing tools in Japan, supported by JSPS KAKENHI (16H01965, 17H06186).


Keiji Yano
Geography Department
Ritsumeikan University


Internationalization (i18n) and Translations for Mapwarper. (English, Dutch, Japanese)
Many thanks to Ellen Gehring of Erfgoed Leiden en Omstreken for the Dutch translations. Ellen with the ELO wanted their own warper and because of this, support for locales, internationalisation and... read more

New shortcuts and add layer features in mapwarper.net
Mapwarper.net has been updated with several months of the latest code. Some of these features are directed towards the rectify map interface with the addition of keyboard shortcuts and the... read more

What’s coming to Mapwarper.net – new stuff!
Mapwarper.net is getting an upgrade of code early this first week in April. New things: Keyboard shortcuts New JSON-API and docs Map caching for faster maps Bigger map windows Upgraded... read more

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Last Rectified Maps

Map Title Year Last Updated Status
Bl 01 0281 edslimok
元禄1 *ケンペル旧蔵。 Xylograph. Ex-Kaempfer. Gardner, #570.
1688 3 days ago 3 control points
Wh462vj8967 00 0001
Image from the Map Collections courtesy Stanford University Libraries. This item is in the public domain. There are no restrictions on use. 【図幅名】 乙女灣【測量時期】 大正5年測圖 【発行時期】昭和11年 【記号】 捨子古丹島十六号 【測量機関】 参謀本部 【その他】千島列島 陸地測量部
1936 7 days ago 5 control points
Bh759fj0970 00 0001
Image from the Map Collections courtesy Stanford University Libraries. This item is in the public domain. There are no restrictions on use. 【図幅名】 黑嶽【測量時期】 大正5年測圖 【発行時期】昭和11年 【記号】 捨子古丹島十五号 【測量機関】 参謀本部 【その他】千島列島 陸地測量部
1936 7 days ago 4 control points
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Recent Mosaics

Mosaic Title Year Last Updated Number of Maps Percentage Complete
Fmapoteca 2174 fbnc 672 Ferrocarril del Tolima
Compiled by Searangom. Links: Source / Biblio Ref Download KML
3 months ago 5 maps 100%
(5 maps)
6343 vpdabksw 二十万分の一地勢圖(北海道)
Compiled by shapez. Download KML
1910 4 months ago 17 maps 100%
(17 maps)
Fmapoteca 2250 fbnc 741 Colombia cafetera 1932
Compiled by apicon. Download KML
4 months ago 6 maps 100%
(6 maps)
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